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Mineral water in Finland

Finland the level of consumption of the lowest in Europe, with 17.2 liters per year per capita mineral water.

Mineral water market in Finland

Hartwall , owned by Heineken NV, the leader in bottled water, which represents 36% of the value of non-commerce sales in 2012.

The company is present in Finland since 1836, and therefore has a thorough knowledge of tastes and preferences of local consumers.

Hartwall also has a reputation for providing high quality products, which helps to ensure a strong consumer loyalty to brands like Hartwall Novell, Novell Friss and Hartwall Vichy.

A special feature of the market water in Finland is that about 40% thereof is represented by the favored mineral waters. Finland was one of the first European countries to launch sales of flavored mineral waters.

Finnish consumption of mineral water

The annual bottled water consumption in Finland is about 18 liters per capita. In the same group as Sweden, Britain, Denmark and the Netherlands.

The European average (24 countries) amounted to 104 liters per capita in 2011. Volumes bottled water sales fell by 6% in 2012, plagued by bad weather in the summer cold and rainy, the economic situation uncertain.

Finnish brands of mineral water

From Guttsta Källa to Hartwall. 5 links