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Mineral Water in India

There are in India 100-200 brands of bottled water and more than 1,200 plants for water treatment and bottling. The market for bottled water appeared in India in the mid 80's. Previously, only the upper classes and tourists could afford to buy.

Mineral water market in India

Each year the market for bottled water increases by 40%. Many international companies have come to settle in India: Coca Cola with water Kinley, Pepsi's withAquafina, Nestle with Pure Life ...

The bottled water is not always water source mineral. Most of the time, it is pumped into the water before being treated with modern techniques: reverse osmosis, UV...

The Indian consumer thinks drinking quality water, buying bottled water, however c is far from being the case.

A standard exists in India on the quality of bottled water, but very few checks are made ​​to see if the companies comply.

Indian consumption of mineral water

Since the 90's, the purchasing power of the middle class grew, and the market for bottled water exploded in cities. Consumers are becoming more numerous, prices have fallen, various types of packaging have been developed, such as bottles of 20 liters !

Indian brands of mineral water

From Bisleri to Mulshi Springs. 5 links