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Mineral water in Romania

More than a third of bottled water in Europe is Romania. Hot or cold, soft or flat, mineral water has been known since antiquity. The market for bottled mineral water in Romania increased by six times from 1994 to 2004, 194 000 liters to over one million liters.

Mineral water market in Romania

Several producers, including Romaqua Group-Borsec, European Drinks, Dorna and Apemin Perla Harghitei and Bibco (Biborteni), which together cover 70% of the mineral water production in Romania. Approximately 90 companies hold licenses bottled water in Romania.

The most important players on the Romanian market mineral water Borsec, Biborteni, Izvorul Minunilor, Dorna, Perla Harghitei, Carpatina, Zizin, Herculane, Bucovina, Tusnad.

The soft drinks market in Romania contains several categories of bottled water, which holds 50% of market volume, and carbonated soft drinks, with 42% of the market, non-carbonated beverages, with 7% of market volume, and new age drinks (toning drinks), with 1%.

Overall, the soft drinks market reached an annual volume of 2.1 billion liters sold.

Now bottled water is distributed to more than 90% in the domestic market, exports are practically insignificant.

Romanian mineral water consumption

Romanian brands of mineral water

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