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Halal beer without alcohol, certified halal beer

Non-halal certified alcohol beers are now available. Sultane Kriek beer is the first halal for the Muslim community. But in the Muslim areas, alcohol-free beer seems to have a controversial status.

Definition of halal beer

The main reason for the differences between the Muslim scholars is induced by the fact that the manufacturing process of these products requires going through an alcoholic beer which alcohol is extracted.

Although the alcohol in these beers are lower than those defined by scientists and found in most fruit juices rate, it could remain a problem in the manufacturing process.

The sale of
non-alcoholic beer has become a big market in the Middle East, where many young people turn to alcohol to pretend that stick to the trendy image of foreign youth, while complying with the prohibitions of the religion.

Among the major players in this sector, there Delster an Iranian beer made ​​from malt and hops and flavored with lemon, peach and pineapple.

Heineken and Carlsberg also offer non-alcoholic beer with the Birell brand, also popular in the Czech Republic, and
Moussy, which targets a young audience in the Middle East.

Sultane Kriek, produced by Belgian brewery Caulier, is the first non-fermented beer halal for the Muslim community.

The market for halal beer

The Middle East accounts for nearly a third of global sales of non-alcoholic beer. Among the most important wholesale markets, there is Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, where alcohol is prohibited by Islam.

In 2012, the
consumption of non-alcoholic beer has gained 80% over 2008, with 2.2 billion liters of beer without alcohol consumption, according to figures from Euromonitor.

Brands of halal beer, certified halal beer

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