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Non-alcoholic beer, halal beer

Non-alcoholic beer is, according to French regulations, a beer with an alcohol content does not exceed 1.2 °. Non-alcoholic beer is obtained by rapid fermentation.

Definition of a non-alcoholic beer

Generally, the majority of so-called non-alcoholic beers sold commercially contain less than 1 ° alcohol. It should be remembered that one degree of alcohol is 8 grams of pure alcohol per liter.

Mention without alcohol is somewhat of a misnomer. Some references claim under 0.0% alcohol, but they are real exceptions.

The market for non-alcoholic beer

The market for non-alcoholic beer appears to be relatively limited if we compare the number of existing references deal with alcoholic beers.

Spain is the non-alcoholic beers are the most popular. In Germany and the Czech Republic, the two most wholesale markets in Europe, this market reached 3% of total beer consumption in relative growth for two or three years.

Sector beers without alcohol weighs 1.5% in Austria, 1% in the UK and finally 0.5% in the Netherlands, but it is the market segment that grew the fastest in 2010.

Halal beer without alcohol

The sale of non-alcoholic beer has become a big market in the Middle East, and represents almost a third of global sales of this type of drink.

Among the most important markets beer without alcohol, there is Iran, Saudi Arabia , Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, a country where Islam forbids alcohol consumption.

The main reason for the differences between the Muslim scholars is induced by the fact that the manufacturing process of these products requires going through an alcoholic beer which alcohol is extracted.

Although the alcohol in these beers are lower than those defined by scientists and found in most fruit juices rate, it could remain a problem in the manufacturing process.

There are now non-alcoholic beer halal certified.

Brands of non-alcoholic beer

From Alhambra Sin to Vitamalt. 42 links