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Cocoa in Belgium

Belgium is currently the third largest consumer country of chocolate in the world, behind Switzerland and the United Kingdom, with 6 pounds per year per person. Belgium imports 6% of the world production of chocolate.

The Belgian Post is launching a series of 5 stamps chocolate

The Belgian Post has begun printing a series of five stamps flavored chocolate € 6.20.

"A chocolate taste was incorporated into the gummed part of the stamps in the form of essential oils, cocoa so that is released when the licks, "said an official of the post.

The images on the front of these stamps have chocolate in the form of granules, spreads or pieces.

The chocolate market in Belgium

Although cocoa are not yet cultivated, Belgium is famous for its chocolates and is one of the largest producers of chocolate in the world.

Belgium imports about 6.8 percent of cocoa from different countries. The richest qualities of chocolates are made ​​in Belgium.

Fair chocolate represents only 1% share of the Belgian market. Belgium is a major player in the production of industrial chocolate. Nearby chocolate, pralines and confectionery occupies about 7,600 people in 264 companies.

This is one of the most important food industry sub-sectors, after the bakery, meat and fruit and vegetables sector.

Chocolate production is dominated by a few large multinational companies, including Cargill and Barry Callebaut.

In manufacturing, there are also some big companies like Kraft and Ferrero. Besides this, there are also mid-sized players such as Guylian, Leonidas, Neuhaus, Hamlet, Italosuisse, Barony... and a large number of very small chocolate and praliniers.

Belgian chocolate industry is heavily oriented export. Whether chocolate or industrial finished products, much of the production goes abroad.

If global consumption has always been important, it knows at the moment due to an increase in the growing interest in chocolate with countries like China or India.

This explosion of sales + 20% per year, pushing major designers, including Belgian, innovate to target a demanding clientele. Chocolate represents 0.61% of Exports in Belgium.

Some figures of chocolate in Belgium

Belgian brands of cocoa and chocolate

From Callebaut to Neuhaus. 5 links