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Cocoa in Germany

With eight kilograms per person, German chocolate consumption exceeds the per capita consumption in the United Kingdom (6.5 kg), France (5.7 kg), Italians and Spanish 1.7 kg each. Germany imports 8% of world production of chocolate.

The chocolate market in Germany

Germany imports of cocoa beans from eight different locations in the world.

Ferrero, Mars and Kraft Foods Deutschland Deutschland continued to lead the chocolate market in Germany in 2011, and this trend should continue in 2012, both are 45 .% of market share.

German chocolates are known for their finesse: Ritter Sport, Milka, Sarroti, Alpia and Kinder Schokolade.

A number of new products were launched by the major players in 2011 and 2012. Kraft launched two innovations in 2011, and Milka Snax Crispello, which are packed in bags handy pocket, and respond to trends in snacking and sharing.

Introducing these two products was supported by major advertising campaigns and has benefited from the strong distribution network which the company has put in place. Both products are available in different flavors.

The high level of saturation, the decline in population and the growing trend of health and well-being will limit the growth potential for chocolate.

Retail sales are expected to remain relatively stable in terms of value, due to the increase in the unit price, which is linked to an increase in manufacturing costs.

German chocolate consumption

Chocolate consumption in Germany is 8 pounds and exceeds consumption per capita in the United Kingdom (6.5 kg), France (5.7 kg), Italians and Spanish 1.7 kg each.

German brands of chocolate and cocoa

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