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Cocoa and chocolate in Mexico

In Mexico, the per capita consumption of chocolate is 400 grams per year, against 2 kg in Brazil. There are about 70 companies producing chocolate in Mexico. Major Mexican chocolate brands are Ibarra, Ricollino Carlos V and Taza Chocolate Mexicano.

The chocolate market in Mexico

In the old days in Mexico, cocoa was considered a sacred element. In the Mayan culture cocoa represented fertility, and the Aztecs it was a source of spiritual wisdom, energy and sexual potency body.

Currently, the production of cocoa and chocolate in Mexico is concentrated in four states: Tabasco (70%), Chiapas (29%), Oaxaca and Guerrero (1.0%).

There are about 70 large and medium-sized producers of chocolate in Mexico. The Mexican chocolate market is dominated by international brands of chocolates rather than local chocolates that are produced there.

They are mainly sold in markets in the form of discs, this is how you can recognize a Mexican chocolate. Mexicans still prefer chocolate as a drink to start the day.

After a long period of high commodity prices, namely cocoa beans, for which there were two peaks (December 2009 and February 2011) to about $ 3500 ton, prices began to fall and the year 2011 closed $ 2,200.

The actors of Mexican chocolate

The chocolate brands are Ibarra of Mexico, Ricollino Carlos V Chocolate Taza Chocolate Mexicano.

The manufacturing chocolate in Mexico is dominated by four leaders, multinational Nestlé México SA with 18% market share, with a number of well-known brands, such as Larin, Carlos V and Crunch.

Ranked second Ferrero Mexico represents 16% of market share, sales volume lower than Nestle, but leading in the most expensive category.

Hershey Mexico is ranked third with a share of 14%, while Effem México (owned Mars Inc) follows closely with 13% market share.

Mexican brands of cocoa and chocolate

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