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Cocoa in Poland

Chocolate consumption is 6 kg per year and Polish. Milka became the leader in the segment of chocolate in Poland, with 17.6% market share. In Poland, the annual production of chocolate is more than 200,000 tons.

The chocolate market in Poland

Chocolate sales continue to grow even in tough economic times. Chocolate is generally considered an affordable luxury, which helps to improve mood.

Moreover, the available supply includes a wide range of different types of products in all price segments, making them accessible to all consumers groups.

Manufacturers are also doing their best to stimulate demand, primarily by introducing new product developments (such as new flavors, new formats and interesting ingredients) and investing in mass advertising.

Kraft Foods Polska and Lotte Wedel led the Polish chocolate market in 2012, together accounting for a share of the retail value of 29%.

Both companies have strong brand names, such as Milka (Kraft Foods Polska) and Wedel (Wedel Lotte), and considerable marketing budgets that allow them to make regular investments in promotional activities.

Milka In November 2012 became the new leader in the segment of chocolate in Poland, winning 17.6% of market share. One factor was an increased consumer interest in the chocolate 300 grams; sales increased 38% compared to the previous year.

Moreover, their products are reasonably priced, popular for their high quality and taste, and widely distributed, resulting in good lasting performance.

Polish chocolate consumption

Leading manufacturers believe that there is still room for growth, per capita consumption of chocolate in Poland is still low compared to Western European countries.

This future performance category is likely to be affected by the general trend of the health and well-being, as more Poles pay particular attention to what they eat and how they feel.

A strong increase of over 35% was recorded in Poland, where production Annual Chocolate is now worth more than 200,000 tons, following manufacturers relocated eastwards across Europe.

Polish brands of chocolate and cocoa

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