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Cocoa in the UK

British gobble 10 kilos per capita per year. 31% of Britons ate chocolate in the last six months.

The chocolate market in the UK

Exports of chocolate UK in 2012 were up 19.3% compared to 2011. The total exports of food and non-alcoholic beverages in the United Kingdom amounted to EUR 12.1 billion, which means that chocolate accounts for 4.3% of exports from the United Kingdom in the sector.

Most British chocolate, worth 148 million pounds exported in Ireland, up 15.4%, but also Germany, the Netherlands and France.

UAE have raised their imports chocolate UK-69%, while Australia has increased its inventory by 44%.

South Africa has also doubled the amount of chocolate imports UK.

Nestlé is partly responsible for the increase in exports of chocolate. Over the past five years, the site of York, one of the largest confectionery factories in the world, has received an investment of £ 50 million.

Some figures on chocolate in the UK

British brands of cocoa and chocolate

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