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The chocolate powder  Chocolate links

The powder chocolate market is 45,000 tons per year. Cadbury group is present in the powdered chocolate market with the brand Poulain . Its competitor, Nestlé offers chocolate powder.

The cocoa production

In Africa, the major producers of cocoa are: Ivory Coast, the world's largest producer with 35% of world production; Ghana with 18% (long first producer) with 12% Nigeria, Cameroon with 4% (which is the main export crop), and Togo with 4%.

Outside Africa, other important countries include Indonesia with 14% with 5% Brazil and Ecuador with 2% . 95% of global production comes from small family farms, a size of 1 to about 3 ha.

In Africa, the yield was 500 kg / ha, in Asia and America, it is 800 kg / ha. Indonesia and Malaysia have seen their productions grow in recent years.

Indonesia and has it become the world's 3rd largest producer in 50 years, and Malaysia, with production in full swing, has a significant processing industry.

In Africa, the cocoa producing countries are Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar, Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome. Their productions are low, but their beans, renowned for their flavour, are now sought after by major chocolate.

West Africa represents 70% of world cocoa production, but only 3% of consumption. Africa as a whole convert 14% of world production. Generally, 65% of world cocoa production is exported, and the North consumes more than 80%.

Five companies transform themselves to two-thirds cocoa consumed in the world. Nestlé, which, by acquiring Rowntree in 1988, became the largest chocolate manufacturer in the world, buys alone 14% of world production, and has 500 factories in 83 countries.

Cocoa producers to export $ 2 billion per year while sales of confectionery is about € 60 billion. 2007/2008, the grinding of cocoa beans, which is an approximation of consumption reached a record 3.756 million tonnes, the Europe is the primary user.

Cocoa covers nearly 10 million hectares worldwide.

Cocoa and cocoa were introduced on the African continent in the 19th century and today Africa produces three quarters of cocoa in the world.

Cocoa belt covers 20, 21 and 22nd parallel and encompasses an area between 400 and 700 m in equatorial and tropical areas of South America to Malaysia through Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria and Cameroon.

The cocoa consumption

World cocoa consumption amounted to nearly 3 million tonnes per year, or more than 95 pounds per second, 3 to 4 billion euros of revenue per year.

Eating chocolate increases twice faster than cocoa production!

The gap between production and consumption, is likely to widen further in the coming years as retailers wish to expand the market in Eastern Europe and China.

In 2010, the cocoa ground, which can be regarded as reflecting the global consumption, representing 3.6 million tons, an average annual increase of 2.1 per cent to 2.8 million tonnes of the reference period. Consumption remain concentrated in developing countries, the share of consumption is expected to reach 64 percent in 2010.

Cocoa beans contain iron and magnesium, vitamins, which are especially beneficial to vision, bone formation, nervous equilibrium fertility.

But the global success of cocoa has a major drawback: the eradication of forests natural in favor of monoculture plantation where biodiversity is reduced.

The main cocoa producers are the Ivory Coast and Ghana, which grew 37.3% and 19.7% of total world production in 2007 respectively, followed by Indonesia, Nigeria, Cameroon and Brazil.

Differents chocolate powder

There are different types of chocolate powder, name, composition:

Varieties cocoa

Today there are three main varieties of cacao, with the particularities of each:

Brands of cocoa and chocolate

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