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Coffee in the United States

In the United States, filter coffee and coffee produced by infusion are most prevalent. It is eaten inCoffee or large paper cups. The choice is very wide and there are a range of flavored coffees. The United States are the largest consumers of coffee in the world.

The coffee market in the U.S.

The United States accounted for 18.8% of gross global imports in 2009, the equivalent figure was 69% in 1947, 44% in 1968 and 18% in 1994.

2009 green bean imports were 20.9 million bags; raw coffee imports in all its forms were 23.6 million bags.

's main suppliers of green beans were: Brazil 26%, Colombia 16%, Vietnam 13%, 8% Guatemala, Mexico 6%, the Indonesia 6%, 4% Peru and Costa Rica 4%.

El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and provided additional 11%.

Imports of green coffee European countries have experienced a significant decrease: over 1 million bags in 2006 to just 674,000 bags in 2009, over 98% came from Germany.

Imports of processed coffee were 2.64 million bags, of which approximately 26% came from Mexico, 23% in Brazil, 25% 17% in Canada and 13% of countries in the EU.

The exports of processed coffee were 2.37 million bags, of which approximately 79% were destined for Canada.

Coffee consumption in the United States

Per capita consumption in 2009 reached 4.09 kg vs 4.20 kg in 2004. 16% of coffee consumed is decaffeinated, an increase of 9% in 2002, which is still lower than the 25% share it represented in 1987.

American brands of coffees

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