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Coffee in Belgium

The coffee market is highly developed in Belgium. Each year, nearly 60,000 tons of coffee are so sold, of which 2/3 via supermarkets and third through other channels, more than 10 billion cups of coffee per year.

Belgian coffee market

Net imports of green coffee in 2009. 1,510,000 bags; Brazil leads with 28%, followed by Vietnam with 15%.

Brazil, Vietnam, Honduras, and Colombia represented to Ougande 62 .% of green coffee imports in 2009.

Imports reached 419,000 roasted coffee bags, the bags 000 892 exports, mainly to Western Europe.

A roaster, Sara Lee / DE, represents about half of the market, but Belgium also has a large number of small roasters, especially in the area of specialty coffee.

Coffee consumption in Belgium

The level of consumption in 2009 by Belgian ICO was 5.27 kg and not less than 9.16 for 2003.

Belgian coffee brands

From Beyers to T’molentje. 9 links