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Coffee in Denmark

Denmark is a country of coffee drinkers, Danish Kaffe, and figures show that Danes are among the four largest consumers of coffee in the world. Per capita consumption in 2009 was 7.89 kilograms.

Danish coffee market

The green coffee imports in 2009 reached only 609,000 bags of which a little over 56% (344,000 bags) were imported through other EU countries losing their true origin.

103,000 bags (17%) imported directly from Brazil, while 33,000 bags were imported from Vietnam.

Merrild Kaffe, owned by Sara Lee Corp., is the main actor of coffee in Denmark with 27% market share.

Coffee consumption in Denmark

The average consumption is 3.4 cups of coffee per day, surpassed only by Iceland, Norway and Finland.

Coffee consumption by Danish in 2009 was of 7.89 kg.

Danish coffee brands

From Baresso to Peter Larsen. 4 links