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Coffee in Finland

In Finland we consume more coffee, Finnish kahvi , than in any other country in the world. In 2010, Finns consumed 13.8 kilograms of coffee per person per year, followed by Sweden with 13.7 kg, 6 kg for against France.

Coffee consumption in Finland

Finland coffee is lightly roasted, giving it a slightly bitter taste. Finland, Norway and Sweden and Denmark are the biggest consumers of coffee per cup, since their inhabitants drink on average 5 cups per day.

Finnish fond of light roast coffees, which are roasted coffees very little, color clear and fair. These coffees are light, sweet and sour.

The coffee market in Finland

Green coffee imports in 2009. 1,120,000 bags, led by Brazil with 42% Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua and Guatemala, represented to 83% of all green coffee imports in 2009.

Imports of processed coffee reached the 118,000 bags. Exports reached 183,000 bags (131,000 bags destination Estonia and 48,000 in the Russian Federation).

Four roasters account for 97% of the market.

Finnish coffee brands

From Hieno to Paulig. 4 links