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Coffee in India

India does not grow as tea, the country is also a major producer of coffee, including Robusta. India is the sixth largest coffee producer after Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

History of Coffee in India

Coffee culture in India have begun in 1610, when Baba Budan, a Muslim pilgrim would back of Arabica beans from Yemen. In fact, the coffee business really starts with the British colonization and through the English East India Company.

It is in the southern region of the Indian subcontinent, in the region of Karnataka, the coffee was grown for the first time in India, there are 350 years.

Surrounded by towering peaks, this region consists mainly of hills, at an altitude between 700 and 1200 meters, and offers a temperate climate and a lush vegetation.

Malabar Coast, where coffee is produced Monsoon means the southwest coast. It corresponds to the region of Kerala, which produces 20% of India's coffee. It is crossed by the monsoon, which makes it one of the wettest regions of India.

Coffee production in India

India is the sixth largest coffee producer after Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Ethiopia, and produced about 318 000 tonnes during 2012-2013.

In India Coffee is more than 171,000 coffee farms, the culture of almost 900,000 hectares of coffee trees. Ill no more than 52 000 coffee gardens providing employment to 2.5 million people.

Much of the coffee production in India is on small farms. More than 90 percent of farms are 10 acres or less. However, these farms account for just over half of all land used for the production of coffee.

The total area planted with coffee covers approximately 380,000 hectares, mainly in the states of Karnataka producing coffee (58%), Kerala (22 %) and Tamil Nadu (8%).

India develops essentially the culture of two varieties of coffee. Arabica (about 1/3 of production) and Robusta (about 2/3 of the production).

The Monsoon Coffee

The Monsoon coffee is an Indian specialty. This is to let the green coffee beans monsoonal after treatment. This coffee with a delicate aroma and original flavor is intense and persistent coffee, strongly marked by spicy notes.

Initially, the Monsoon coffee was the result of transport sailboats coffee to Europe, which took several months . High humidity bunkers fermented green beans and gave them a unique aroma and a beautiful golden yellow color.

Still the Monsooning is used but coffee exporters now reproduce these conditions artificially, in warehouses where humidity is controlled continuously.

Indian coffee consumption

Indian coffee consumption per capita is negligible especially in areas other than South India compared to the consumption of black tea.

Recent proliferation of various coffee chains and vending machines in urban areas across India gave a boost to the popularity of coffee in India.

Recent years, coffee consumption in India has grown at an impressive rate of 5% per year and this growth is expected to continue in the long term.

Consumption per capita n is only 90 grams per year, which is relatively low for a coffee-producing country.

Indian annual coffee production is 300,000 tonnes, domestic consumption is only one-third (100,000 tonnes).

Indian coffee exports

Coffee exports in India (including re-export of instant coffee) totaled 303 000 tonnes in 2013, worth over 47 billion rupees.

Indian coffees brands

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