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Coffee in Italy

Italy, the home of espresso, one of the leading exporters of roasted coffee. Caffè ranks 10th worldwide in terms of consumption. This is what opened in Venice in 1645 the first coffee house, and it is in Naples that coffee owes much of its character.

Italian coffee market

The largest specialty roasters such as Lavazza and Illy export substantial quantities of Italian espresso blends to all Europe and the United States.

Net imports of green coffee in 2009: 7.510 million bags, with Brazil leading the 35%.

Brazil, Vietnam, India, Ougande and Indonesia, represented to 76% of all green coffee imports in 2009. Estimated shares: 57% Arabica, 43% Robusta.

Processed coffee imports in 2009 reached 461,000 bags. Exports were 2.135 million bags, comprising 98% of roasted coffee, reflecting the success that won in Italy international trade with finished coffees such as espresso.

Five roasters, including Lavazza 's largest, representing more than 70% market share.

The Italian market has over 1500 different roasters.

Coffee consumption in Italy

Italian coffee consumption per capita in 2009, is 5.85 kg.

Italian coffee brands

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