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Coffee in Korea

Coffee consumption in Korea is about 2.1 kg per capita has almost doubled since 1990.En Korea, about 80% of coffee consumed is sold by vending machines.

Coffee market in the Republic of Korea

In the 1980's the instant coffee and canned coffee have become quite popular in Korea. Towards the end of the century, the growth of franchises such as Starbucks and Caffe Bene has led to greater demand for European-style café.

In Korea, about 80 percent of the coffee consumed is sold by vending machines. There are about 350,000 vending coffee throughout Korea.

Instant coffee is predominant in Korea, but more and more consumers are attracted to quality coffee.

Coffee imports in Korea

Net imports of green coffee in Korea in 2009 were 1.61 million bags. Vietnam leads with 556,000 bags of coffee, followed by Brazil with 289,000, Colombia with 229,000, 185,000 bags Honduras, Peru 108000 bags and Indonesia 104,000 bags.

Korean Coffee consumption

Coffee consumption in Korea has increased significantly over time, with an average annual growth rate of 3.3% since 1990.

Total consumption was about 1.7 million bags in 2012, which is the 18th coffee consumer in the world.

Consumption per capita is around 2.1 kg and has almost doubled since 1990. Total net imports in 2012 amounted to some $ 583 million, down the peak of $ 701 million in 2011, international coffee prices declined.

Korean coffees brands

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