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Coffee in the Netherlands

Dutch coffee consumption is 150 liters per year. Imports of roasted coffee reached 1,057,000 bags in 2007, the 771,000 bags exports.

Dutch coffee market

Gross imports of green coffee in 2009 is 3,234 million bags and re-exports of 111,000 bags suggesting net imports of 3,123 million bags.

Brazil, Vietnam, Uganda, Honduras and Peru, represented to 78% of all green coffee imports in 2009.

Estimated shares: 73% Arabica, Robusta 25%, unspecified 52%. Imports of roasted coffee attainder 1,057,000 bags in 2007, exports 771 000 bags.

Imports of soluble coffee were 257,000 bags, exports 628 000 bags .

Consumption of coffee in Netherlands

Dutch consumption is 150 liters of coffee per year (more than double U.S. consumption, and nearly six times more than the British).

In fact, the Netherlands is usually in the top 5 countries of coffee consumption in the world, and the Scandinavian countries.

Dutch coffee brands

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