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Coffee in Russia

Russian coffee market is young. The coffee market has really developed in the 1990's, when the Russian market was opened to Western brands. Most coffee sold in Russia come from Europe.

Russian coffee market

Coffee was introduced into Russia during the reign of Tsar Peter the Great. Imports of green coffee in Russia in 1913 was estimated about 12,000 tonnes.

In 2001, the amount of soluble coffee consumed per year amounted to 50,000 tonnes.

Since then, she has more than tripled. On rare varieties of coffee, 5-6 up, offered for sale under the communist regime, in today moskovites discover hundreds.

Recent market studies indicate that 50% of the Russian population never consumes coffee. Only half of coffee lovers buys to enjoy at home.

Coffee consumption in Russia

The consumption of coffee was a Russian resurgence after the collapse of the Soviet Union so that the green coffee imports were marked by further growth between 1993 and 1996 at the level of return in 1913.

Consumption is increased from less than 50 grams per person per year to about 750 grams in 2008.

Russian coffee brands

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