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Coffee in Sweden

Sweden is among the largest consumers of coffee, Swedish kaffe, since Swedish consume 13.7 kg per year per capita. Swedish appreciate the light roast coffee, which are light cafés, little roasted, light colored blonde.

Swedish coffee market

The green coffee imports in 2009 are 1.59 million bags, led by Brazil with 45%.

Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Kenya and Honduras accounted for 81% of all green coffee imports in 2009 (Brazil and Colombia only 58%). Estimated shares: 86% Arabica, Robusta 3%, unspecified 11%.

Imports of processed coffee in 2009 reached the 36,000 sacks and exports 497 000 bags of which a significant amount destination Denmark and the United States.

The roasters are Kraft Foods with 41% market Zoegas 21%, 14% and Lila Lofbergs Arvid Nordquist 10%. A few roasters sharing the rest.

Coffee consumption in Sweden

Sweden consumes 13.7 kg per year per capita.

Swedish coffee brands

From Arvid Nordquist to Gevalia. 3 links