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Coffee in Switzerland

The Swiss are among the biggest coffee drinkers in the world, with 10 pounds of coffee per person per year, which is comparable to the annual consumption of chocolat.On located on the Swiss market over fifty of coffee blends .

Swiss coffee market

Coffee is an essential even in times of shortage. The Federal Council has ordered the reserve requirements of coffee. This is why coffee may be imported with an import permit.

Switzerland imports about 98,000 tons of green coffee per year, about 33,000 t are processed and re-exported in the form of soluble coffee.

Decaffeinated or roasted coffee consumption in Switzerland is about 65,000 t of green coffee.

Net imports of green coffee in 2009: 1,818,000 bags; Brazil with 32%. Colombia, Vietnam, India, Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica jointly provided additional 44.5%.

Imports of processed coffee reached 265,000 sacks. Exports were 1.047 million bags.

The main roaster, Migros, has a 45% market share.

Coffee consumption in Switzerland

The Swiss are among the largest consumers of coffee in the world, with 10 pounds of coffee per person per year.

Swiss coffee brands

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