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Coffee in Taiwan

The annual coffee consumption in Taiwan is about 1 kilogram per year. In 10 years, the consumption of coffee in Taiwan has quadrupled from 21 cups per person in 1999 to 78 cups per person in 2010.

The coffee market in Taiwan

In Taiwan the number of cups of coffee consumed quadrupled between 1999 and 2010 and the number of establishments of coffee is grown to more than 10,000..

Taiwan also has a population increasingly urbanized, with a stronger population densities in the world, which is conducive to the continued growth of the market.

Most imports of green coffee (67% in 2012) but soluble coffee has played a key role in the development of the coffee market Taiwan in the late 1990's

In addition, the market share of Arabica in the Taiwanese market is one of the highest in the region, estimated at over 60% on average since 2000.

Taiwanese exports of coffee

The coffee chain Café Let's just introduced a novelty in its outlets.

Indeed, the chain Let's Cafe had the idea to add a printer on coffee machines, and thus offers original and unique coffees with Photo of customers in the milk foam.

With their smartphone, customers can send pictures of themselves directly to the machine which then reproduces faithfully the image in the foam, with the right mixture of coffee and cocoa powder. You can even leave a message.

Entirely oral portrait appears with great precision.

Let's Cafe offers these special coffee latte at the regular price of 1.50 U.S. Dollar.

Taiwanese coffee consumption

Coffee consumption in Taiwan is on average 362,000 bags per year since 2000, more than double the annual average of 178,000 bags in 1990.

In 10 years, the consumption of coffee in Taiwan has quadrupled from 480 million cups (21 cups per person in 1999) to 1.79 billion cups (78 cups per person in 2010).

Taiwanese coffees brands

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