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Coffee is a drink made from the seeds of the coffee plant. Culture is highly developed in many tropical countries in plantations producing for export markets. Coffee is the second largest consumer goods traded in the world.

The global coffee market

Coffee is produced exclusively in the south but mainly consumes the north. Industrialized countries consume about 70% of coffee produced in the world.

Coffee is produced in more than fifty tropical countries, but the coffee is not directly transformed in producing countries.

2012 exports from producer countries were estimated at 130 million bags. 's first coffee producing countries in the world are Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Mexico. Value of these exports was approximately $ 15 billion.

With regard to coffee, the unit of measurement is 60 kg bag roasting and marketing of coffee is provided to more than 50% by European companies.

Five majors roasters dominate the coffee market and buy more than 50% of the world production of green coffee: Nestlé Switzerland Kraft Jacobs Suchard United States, Netherlands Sara Lee, Procter & Gamble USA, Lavazza Italy.

Coffee variants

Among the most common variations of coffee drinks, we can mention :

Coffee brands

African coffee brands

African coffees  Link toward the page of coffee brands in Africa

Asian coffee brands

Asian coffees  Link toward the page of coffee brands in Asia

European coffee brands

European coffees  Link toward the page of coffee brands in Europe

U.S. coffee brands

American coffees  Link toward the page of coffee brands in the United States

Canadian coffee brands

Canadian coffees  Link toward the page of coffee brands in Canada

Brands of instant coffee

Instant coffees  Link toward page of instant coffee brands

Brands of decaffeinated coffee

Decaffeinated coffees  Link toward the page of decaffeinated coffee brands

Brands of canned coffee

Canned coffees  Link toward page of canned coffee brands

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