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The alter cola, alternative cola Fair cola

Alternative cola or altercola is intended to offer an alternative to the two market leaders that are the soft drink Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola. INPI has nearly 500 trademarks sodas flavored cola.

Different alter colas

Several categories of altercolas meet objectives and different business strategies can be distinguished:

The alternative and cultural cola
It develops on the basis of a rejection of the hegemonic and américanisante image of the brand Coca-Cola. The purpose of these products is to offer a cola attached to another culture or another value system.

The competitor cola
The competitors producers Coca-Cola usually have no political aim. They use a recipe different from Coca-Cola that they market. In this situation, Pepsi-Cola is obviously the first competitor cola. Mention may also, among others, Breizh Cola, a Breton Cola, Virgin Cola, launched by Virgin Group, Afri-Cola, Jolly Cola, the RC Cola, the Sinalco created since 1902, Selecto, an Algerian cola or the Quebec (drink), a Marseilles cola.

The local alternative cola

These alternative colas emerge in areas that usually have a local cultural identity to defend. Local alternative cola is generally a regional product and is mainly sold in the area. However, there is often an imported product from another region in France, the Bee Cholet product and bottled colas raised several alternative (Auvergne Cola, Corsica Cola, Cola Vendée, Anjou Cola, Cola ... Occitan).

The alternative identity cola

Since the 2000's, various alternative colas identity emerge. In this case, cultural identity is no longer tied to the territory but the personal characteristics of target customers: origin, ethnicity, religious affiliation, political views ... It thus are several examples such as Zelal Cola marketed in Germany whose prime target are residents of Turkish origin, Qibla Cola is the Muslim community in the United Kingdom, the Imazighen Cola targeting Berber community in France or the Fuji-Cola launched in Peru by supporters of President Alberto Fujimori.

The alternative policy cola

There are still alternative colas clearly political claim. They are mainly produced in countries or to countries in opposition, more or less strong, with the United States.

Alternative colas brands

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