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The cola Soda links

Coca-Cola and Pepsi , the two main brands of carbonated cola drinks at the international level, are part of sodas. In France, with 53.9% of volumes sold, cola brands dominate the market by far, before the soft fruit drinks (13.9%), flat fruit drinks (12.7%) iced teas ( 8.7%) or soft drinks (7.1%)

The cola market

Since the 1990's, cultural claims in some European countries or political in some communities (religious, for example) led entrepreneurs to create niche brands to cola and promote it by putting the geographical proximity or belonging to a community before.

In France, entrepreneurs have created brands named names French regions.

Further, Muslims have created brands of cola names in Arabic.

Though these brands do not challenge the dominance of Coca-Cola and Pepsi, their success is a significant innovation in the market sodas cola.

Various colas

Fair cola  Link toward the page of fair cola brands

The altercolas meet the criteria of fair trade.

Alternative cola  Link toward the page of cola brands

Altercola or a cola is intended to offer an alternative to the two market leaders that are the soft drink Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola.

Colas Brands

From Coca Cola to Virgin Cola. 56 links