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Fruit juice in Canada

Each year, an average Canadian drinks 25 liters of juice leaking . It lists 191 companies in the sector of fruit juice. 3 top three manufacturers, Lassonde, Minute Maid and Pepsi account for 49% of total sales of fruit juice in Canada in 2012.

The juice market in Canada

In 2012, retail sales of fruit juice increased by 1%, while the sales volume recorded a more moderate 2 billion liters growth.

While strategic pricing activities have certainly played a role in the dynamics changing between the volume and value of sales, recent innovations in smoothies who contributed to the overall growth of volume.

Moreover, the expansion of ethnic and exotic juices by ethnic food retailers, especially with the increase and expansion of modern ethnic supermarkets in Canada, also contributed to add to growth.

The Canadian market for fruit juice is highly fragmented. However, the 3 top three manufacturers,
Lassonde , Minute Maid and Pepsi account for 49% of total sales in 2012.

A Lassonde has remained the most efficient with a 19% market share, followed by Pepsi-QTG with 15% and Minute Maid with just under 15%.

These three companies have large portfolios brands of fruit juices and vegetable juices, available in a wide range of packages, sizes and flavors.

The volume of retail sales of fruit juice should increase 1% per year, reaching 2 billion liters by 2017.

Production of fruit juice Canadian

The 191 companies in the field of juices and fruit drinks in Canada fall into two broad categories: manufacturers and distributors.

Manufacturers juices and drinks are also divided into two categories according to their production process :

Canadian brands of fruit juices

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