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Fruit juice in France

The French drink 51 liters of juice per second, or 1.65 billion liters per year, stable consumption in recent years. Orange juice is the juice of the fruit drink more , with 24.1 liters of orange juice per person per year. Pure juices account for nearly half of the juice consumed in France.

Market fruit juice in France

Die juice represents France forty operators located throughout the French territory, including overseas territories and Corsica. The sector represents about 4,300 direct jobs and 30,000 indirect jobs.

The French sector produces 90% of fruit juice consumed in France. Fruit juices are a natural outlet for 18,346 fruit farms in France, especially for the production of apple, grape and tomato.

The French industry juice resistant than the European industry, which had already lost 2.2 % of volumes between 2010 and 2011.

's supermarkets and hypermarkets (GMS) accounted for 65% of sales with 1.05 billion liters sold and hold up well with sales growth of 1.09%.

Hard discount is 24 4% of the market with 396.54 million liters passed, a sharp drop compared to 2012. -6.7%.

Away From Home Consumption, meanwhile, accounted for 10.6% of sales with 172010000 liters of juice sold, or -0.9% compared to 2011.

In 2012, all channels (stores + CHD), pure juices accounted for more than half of the volumes sold (51.8% market share flight. vs 49.8% in 2011) or consumption of 830.2 million liters.

Fruit juices from concentrate are in second place with 29.2% market share volume, vs. 29.7% in 2011 or consumption of 485.5 million liters in 2012.

Third position nectars represent 18.5% market share in volume, against 20% in 2011. 300.6 million liters were sold in France in 2012. Consumption fell by 8.57%, reeling from the tax on beverages with added sugars.

Finally, smoothies, with 6.3 million liters, representing 0.5% of market volume (-23.52 %).

Consumption of fruit juice in France

51 liters of juice per second in France, or 1.65 billion liters per year, a relatively stable consumption drinking. The orange juice is juice of the fruit drink more with 24.1 liter of orange juice by person. Pure juices now account for 51.8% of market share.

In a difficult climate, the French maintained their consumption and even stated their preference for pure fruit juice. All channels, they bought a total of 1.62 billion liters of fruit juice, thus maintaining their consumption at a high level, similar to 2011 (-1.13%).

Annual consumption of fruit juice French and vegetables has increased greatly over the past 25 years. It was multiplied by 8 between 1983 and 2008. It sold 1.64 billion liters of juice in 2011. It has evolved from the 2.9 per year per capita in 1980 to 25 liters in 2008.

Orange juice is still by far the king of the area before the multifruits multivitamin (one quarter of the market), several varieties such as apple juice (9% of sales), grape juice (4%), pineapple juice (3%) and grapefruit juice (4%).

With 779 million liters consumed in 2012, orange juice remains the favorite French perfume: it represents 48% of volumes sold through all channels in 2012.

Far behind, apple, with 161.45 million liters sold, represents 10% market share volume in 2012 against 9.97% in 2011.

Third position, the vitamin multifruits represent 138,820,000 liters sold in 2012 for a market share in volume of 9% in 2012 and 8.65% in 2011.

Fruit juices and nectars from organic agriculture are becoming an increasingly large. In 4 years, from 2009 to 2012, sales grew nearly 40% in volume, reaching 55.5 million liters in 2012, representing 3.83% of the market.

No. 1 selling bio, pure juice However bio progressing slower than organic nectars and juices bio ABC.

French brands of fruit juices

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