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Fruit juice in Poland

Poles per capita consumption of juice highest of Europe's fruit. Polish are largely traditional in their consumption of fruit juice because orange and apple represent more than 70% market share. Domestic firms Maspex, Agros Nova Foodcare and lead sales of fruit juices in Poland for 2012.

The juice market in Poland

The year 2012 was marked by the successful return of the well-known soft drink Frugo. Frugo juice drinks (up to 24% juice) brand, were extremely popular in the 90's and then was withdrawn from sale in Poogne early in the century.

In 2011 bought the rights to the brand and reintroduced the product in the same year. Large marketing campaigns, backed by a strong reputation, have contributed to the immediate success of Frugo in 2012.

The return was the main factor in the increase in sales of all fruit juices in Poland in 2012.

Companies National Maspex, Agros Nova Foodcare and lead sales of fruit juices in Poland for 2012. Based near Krakow in southern Poland, Maspex leads the category with 37% market share in 2012, due to the popularity of its brands Tymbark and Kubus.

Foodcare quickly gained the second position with 14% share market due to the exceptional sales of its brand Frugo.

Agros Nova, with 13% in 2012 is famous for its brand Fortuna.

Polish consumption of fruit juice

So although the trend of health and well-being prevails, the majority of consumers are turning to alternatives to low cost, especially private label brands.

Nectars, still down since 2009, were also mined in 2011 by the 5% increase in the rate of VAT for drinks with a juice content of greater than 20%.

With few innovations and poor investment prospects 2012 nectars appear bleak. Orange continues to lead the flavor profile, but mixtures and fruit cocktails already account for nearly a third of the market.

Smoothies is still a niche segment, but has seen good growth since 2009, driven by the launch of new products.

Polish brands of fruit juices

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