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The fruit juice in South Africa

The total volume and growth rate for the juice in 2012 were both down sharply compared to 2011 in South Africa. Brand fruit juice Ceres continued to lead the category in 2012 with a market share of 21%. Followed by Clover Beverages, which offers brands Clover and Capri-Sonne , Pick 'n Pay completes the trio.

The juice market in South Africa

The most expensive category, 100% fruit juice has been most affected by these trends, showing a decrease of 2% of the total sales. Given that 100% fruit juice was also the largest category, this decline has reduced the performance of the juice as a whole.

Ceres offers a wide range of products and variations of flavors under its brands Liqui-fruit , Ceres and Jabba . The company is the undisputed leader of reconstituted juice 100%, and finished second and fifth respectively in beverages based on juices and nectars.

Clover Beverages , which offers brands Clover and Capri Sun, finished second with a share off-trade market of 17%. The company is ranked first in 100% fruit juice, fruit nectars in second and third in the juice-based drinks.

Pick 'n Pay Retail completes the trio, claiming a share of overall volume of trade 9% with his eponymous line of private label. The company is a leader in nectars, and finished fourth in the category of reconstituted juice and 100% juice.

Other leading competitors in the juice are: Beverage Co, Dairybelle, Spar Österreichische Warenhandels, Parmalat Food Industries and National Brands Ltd.

South African consumption of fruit juice

Growth in total sales volume of juice on the 2012-2017 period should be slightly lower than that recorded in the period 2007-2012.

The South African brands of fruit juices

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