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Fruit juice in Sweden

Since 2006, the market volume of juice in Norway appears to have stabilized at about 150 million liters. In terms of taste, Apple did well in 2011, but the long-term trend is the fruit cocktail at the expense of orange. The leader of fruit juice in 2012 was Rynkeby 16% market share, followed by Skånemejerier 15% and slightly behind ProViva 11%.

The juice market in Sweden

Fruit juice improved represents less than 2% of the market fell sharply in 2011. Swedes prefer the concept of super fruit where improvement is more natural than the artificial insertion of vitamins or minerals.

Though the segment smoothies is slightly contracted in 2011, they are doing well sue the Swedish market.

Nectars had positive results until 2004, when, as the juices and fruit drinks category has slowed due to negative publicity on the sugar content.

Prices of concentrated orange juice was affected by a poor harvest in Florida and the use of banned pesticides in Brazil. The United States and Brazil are major suppliers of domestic juice manufacturers in Sweden.

While the volume of total sales declined slightly, the value of non-trade sales increased by 4% in 2012.

Leader of fruit juice in 2012 was Rynkeby 16% market share, followed by Skånemejerier and slightly behind with 11%.

Skånemejerier owns the brand Bravo is the largest brand of juice in Scandinavia. Fruit juices Bravo never contain added sugar, and offer a wide range of flavors.

Rynkeby Foods has the two best known brands in Sweden : God Morgon and Tropicana.

God Morgon, the biggest brand of the company in terms of volume, is sold for consumption at breakfast and can be found in an organic alternative, which is gaining popularity among the Swedes.

The brand's ProViva is a functional fruit juice available in several flavors.

Swedish consumption of fruit juice

The health awareness Swedish continues to increase and the importance of organic and natural products increases. Consumers will demand healthier products, organic juice and a variety of smoothies.

We are also expected to find more frequently superfruit juices such as acerola (rich in vitamin C) and goji (rich in antioxidants ) to target different consumer segments.

Swedish brands of fruit juices

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