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Fruit juice in Switzerland

Sales of fruit juice in Switzerland increased by 1% in 2012. Migros is the most successful company in the category of fruit juice in Switzerland, with a market share of 26%.

The juice market in Switzerland

Sales of fruit juice in Switzerland increased by 1 % in value in 2012. Growing demand for juice health and well-being at a higher price leads to an increase in value relative to volume.

The most successful company in the category of fruit juice is Migros with a market share of 26% in 2012. Migros gaining ground every year.

Each Swiss consumes an average of 56 pounds of fresh fruit per year, including 27 pounds of tropical fruits. However the Swiss farms produce about one third of the fruit and only 40 percent of the crop is consumed fresh. An approximately equal proportion is transformed into juices and the rest is distilled.

The Confederation supports the Swiss production through customs protection. As Swiss production covers the needs of the market, foreign fruits of the same variety are subject to a so high that their import is of no interest customs tax. In contrast, imports of tropical fruits is free.

Swiss apple juice

Until the Second World War, apple orchards and table fruit cider scattered meadows were a thriving part of the economy for the rural population.

Hundreds of cider smaller or larger were involved in the processing of fruit in apple juice or other products based on fruit juice.

The decline began in the fifties. Apple juice was no longer in fashion and other beverages are replaced. Then the selling price of fruit cider collapsed. The cider has suffered from the drop in demand and most of them have closed.

For the first time in years, a recovery in consumer spending begins , and at present the Swiss drink an average of ten liters of apple juice per year.

Approximately 100,000 tonnes of fruit cider per year are needed to meet consumption. 1.3kg apples give 1 liter of juice.

Swiss Consumption of fruit juice

30% of the Swiss population consuming fruit juice daily, 15% use it 3-6 days a week, 18% by drinking 1-2 days per week, 17% drank less often and 20% never.

Switzerland, juices knows for young people, the weekly consumption decreases with age, respectively 80% vs 46% are regular drinkers. The Romands are leading frequent consumption of fruit juices.

Swiss brands of fruit juices

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