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Fruit juice in Tunisia

In Tunisia, the consumption of fruit juices barely reaches 8 liters per capita per year, while soft drink consumption is 41 liters per capita per year. In Europe, the consumption of fruit juice is about 26 liters per person per year.

The juice market in Tunisia

Société de fabrication des boissons de Tunisie (SFBT) is a Tunisian group of agribusiness focuses on four main products.

Founded in 19251 under the French protectorate, SFBT private group occupies a leading position in the marketing of beverages. It controls about 85% of the national beer market, 90% of the sodas and 40-50% of the mineral waters.

Fruitjuices represent 0.8% of sales but offer a great potential for development in view of an adaptation of sweetened beverages a Western pattern (lower sodas offset by rising fruit juice); turnover and experiencing a 23% increase between 2009 and 2011.

Société Nouvelle des Boissons Gazeuses ( SNBG ) remained the leading company in this category, driven mainly by Tropico national well-known brand.

However, the company saw its share decline over recent years, and there could be changes in the rankings, according to business combinations.

Tunisian fruit juice consumption

In 2010, per capita consumption hardly exceeds 8 liters per year in Tunisia for juice. The total annual consumption of juice packaged is 78 million liters.

With this score, Tunisia happens very far in the standings after his neighbors. Indeed, in Algeria, we consume 336 million liters of fruit juice against 214 in Libya.

Tunisian brands of fruit juices

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