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Hot drink

Among the hot drinks , we find, among other things, coffee, tea, herbal tea, chocolate milk and chicory. Coffee, tea and chocolate are the most consumed beverages in the world.

The market for hot drinks

The market for hot drinks brings a diverse and varied range of products.

With the advent of home coffee machines on the market, the French have a passion for quality coffee.

Institutions develop new intensive compositions. Consumers have changed their habits and strong cappuccino or macchiato can weigh between 10 and 20% of the turnover of a point of sale.

Cold iced coffee is also trend for several years.

Milk drinks have main targets women. 61% of them consume regularly, as 16% of young people between 15 and 24 years.

Teas and chocolates, free from the world of hot drinks, take their game by unveiling a refined look while meeting to new consumer trends.

As for chocolate, whether served black or white, hot or cold, it grows more and more. Retailers compete ever more delicious recipes, creamier and propose new ways to enjoy chocolate.

The market for automatic distribution

91% of employees say buy hot drinks from a vending machine: 52% would drink coffee, 45% other hot beverage.

A hot drink dispenser generally offers four product families: coffee, tea, milk drink (chocolate and cappuccino ) consumed. Coffee can be produced from coffee beans, capsules or freeze-dried coffee.

Other products are made ​​from instant powders, cocoa, milk powder, instant tea powder and consumed.

Market vending displays a turnover of 2 billion euros in France and 13 billion Europe. It employs 15,300 employees in France (85 500 in Europe).

625,000 vending machines are installed throughout the country with 83% in industry. Cups distributors to represent 70% of this total.

Market figures vending

The figures are taken from the site and NAVSA 2009 study Girafood on vending.

Differents hot drinks

Chocolate drinks

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Herbal teas

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