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Iced tea

Iced tea or cold tea in Switzerland, sometimes referred ice tea or iced tea is a refreshing drink, alcoholic and non-carbonated, consisting of cold tea.

Definition of iced tea

Iced tea is traditionally served in a glass with ice cubes or crushed ice, and optionally adding sugar in the southern United States or milk in Thailand. Taste can also be enhanced by mixing it with flavoured syrups, for example, mint or fruits; lemon, lime, raspberry, cherry, peach, litchi…

These iced teas are usually flavored with lemon or peach. Nevertheless, there are a variety of flavors: passion fruit, red fruit, etc.

Iced tea can also be a soda sold in bottles or cans, with brands such as
Lipton Ice Tea, Nestea Ice Tea or Virgin Ice Tea.

Iced tea brands

From Arizona tea to Twinings fresh. 15 links