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Vegetable juice

Vegetable juice is a beverage made primarily from vegetable mixed or centrifuged. The most popular is the tomato juice.

Definition of a vegetable juice

Juicing vegetables and fruits are the means to provide all tissues and all the cells of our body of essential nutrients and enzymes, while allowing them to be absorbed and digested without delay.

Vegetables juices are often mixed with fruits to improve the taste. They are sometimes presented as an alternative to low-sugar fruit juices, however most commercial brands of vegetable juices contain large amounts of sodium.

Vegetable juices should be consumed very fresh because it quickly lose their nutritional properties and their flavor.

Types of vegetable juice

Vegetable juices trade generally consist of various combinations of carrots, beets, cabbage, zucchini, tomatoes Wheat Grass, celery, parsley, garlic, shallots, watercress, red pepper, dandelion, apples, spinach, etc ...

In China also made ​​vegetable juice from a yam named Dioscorea opposita. Cabbage juice sold in Japan under the Aojiru brand is well known for its purported health benefits and for its bitter taste.

In Japan, it also sells many kinds of vegetable juice which, unlike Western juice such as V8 , generally have a taste of carrots and fruits not tomatoes. Brand Yasai Seikatsu Kagome is a very common product.

Properties of fresh vegetable juice

Vegetable juices are also a good source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and have therapeutic properties have long been recognized.

By cons, they do not contain fiber whole vegetables. However this can benefit the main nutrient intakes of vegetables. Again recipes are numerous. The benefits of these juices depend vegetables used.

For example:
Vegetable juice brands


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