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Lemonade is a cold drink made ​​of lemon juice, water and sugar. It can be gas or not depending on the country where it is consumed. Lemonade, non-carbonated, is among the oldest commercial beverages beverages, dating back at least the seventeenth century.

History of Lemonade

In Paris in 1676, a company called Limonadiers company was formed and granted monopoly rights to sell lemonade, the sale is made ​​in cups from tank backed by merchants called lemonadiers.

The lemonadiers were soon exposed to harassment by vinegar grocers and apothecaries. They united to distillers and obtained constitute a corporation which was regulated by royal letters patent granted in 1676, allowing them to charge refreshments and strong drink, with the exception of wine reserved for innkeepers.

They had a monopoly selling lemonade, street vending. This corporation was governed by these statutes as well regulated learning the trade as selling lemonade.

Different types of lemonade by country

Argentina, Canada, Denmark, USA, France, Turkey, non-carbonated lemonade refers to a mixture of lemon juice, sugar and water.

In France it is called lemonade.

The UK, lemonade most often refers to sugary soft drinks, carbonated, light lemon flavor, similar to lemon-lime sodas sold in United States ade suffix is used in English for many sugary soft drinks such as lemonade or orangeade the Cherryade.

The United States and Canada, the Lemonade is a soft drink made ​​from lemon juice, water and sugar. Slices of lemon are sometimes added as a garnish. It can be made ​​from fresh fruit, reconstituted from frozen juice, dry powder or liquid concentrate and colored in a variety of shades.

In India and Pakistan, lemonade is commonly known as the paani limbu or nimbu paani. This lemonade may also contain salt and / or ginger juice.

Shikanjvi is a traditional lemonade from the India-Pakistan region and can also be flavored with saffron, garlic and cumin.

At Middle East, Central and South Asia, rosewater is commonly used to flavour lemonade. Vanilla extract can also be used alone or in combination with cherry syrup to add flavor to these drinks.

In Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Switzerland, the term mainly refers to a colorless beverage, carbonated, sweet lemon-scented. It is very similar in taste and appearance to beverages such as 7 Up and Sprite.

Actually, these two drinks are called lemonade in Australia, and designated as such on cans and bottles. American drink called lemonade exists in the UK as a beverage called homemade make or traditional cloudy lemonade, but is rarely sold commercially as such.

Ireland, lemonade is carbonated, and is divided into white and red lemonade.

Lemonade equal to the current white lemonade in many countries, while red lemonade is particular to Ireland lemonade, to taste different from that of the white lemonade, it is either drunk alone or added to whiskey.

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