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The Milk  Milk brands

In France, at the regulatory level, the name milk without indication of the animal species of origin, is reserved milk cow. Specific milks were developed by the dairy industry to meet nutritional needs of nature or convenience: milk powder, tube, UHT milk, etc..

Different qualities of milk

In France, different qualities of milk is recognized by the color of the packaging or the capsule :

Are listed on the packaging must the type of treatment (pasteurized, sterilized, etc..) And the date of sale, which guarantees the freshness of the product.

Different types of milk

French regulations indicates that the labeling of milk tout court is reserved to cow's milk :

The term milk without any indication of the species of origin, is reserved for cow's milk. All milk from a dairy female other than the cow must be designated by the name milk followed by an indication of the animal species from which it comes: Goat milk, sheep's milk, ass milk, etc.

Mare's milk
Mare's milk is the milk produced by the mare. The mare milk contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, trace elements and vitamins (A, B, C ...) and more nutrients 40 unsaturated fatty acids.

Donkey’s milk
Donkey's milk is milk given by the female donkey. Donkey milk is the milk of mare, the nearest human breast milk, including fat levels low and high lactose.

Soy’s milk
Soy milk, rich in calcium and vitamin D can easily replace cow's milk. The carb soy beverages is comparable to milk, or around 12 grams per liter

Goat’s milk
Goat milk contains smaller than cow milk fat, which promotes the absorption by the human body. Goat milk contains more vitamin A than cow's milk and is also rich in vitamin B3. Goat milk contains no beta-carotene.

Sheep’s milk
Sheep milk has a sweet, rich, slightly sweet taste. The rate of fat and protein is much higher than that of cow's milk or goat. Sheep milk is very rich in minerals. Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin B, Phosphorus ...

Buffalo’s milk
Buffalo milk or buffalo (female buffalo) is used primarily for the manufacture of Mozzarella in Europe and mainly collected in Asian countries (India, Pakistan, China).

Camel’s milk
Camel milk is increasingly recognized for its beneficial effects on health and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates the market to $ 10 billion. Camel milk is rich in unsaturated fatty acid, insulin and vitamin C. It may be rich in water (80-90%) than cow's milk and its protein content is comparable to milk cow.

Different milks

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