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The history of soda back to the invention of carbonated water, soda water in English, a process developed by the British Joseph Priestley in 1770. Technique Priestley resumed and improved Johann Jacob Schweppe in the 1780's. In 1790, Schweppe opens in London on Drury Lane, the first plant of soda in the world, known since the Schweppes.

Production of soda

Production of soda is particularly water-intensive, with an average of 5 liters of water per liter of soda: for example, it is necessary, according to modern factories, between 3 and 9 liters of water to produce a liter of Coca-Cola.

Or 240 million liters of Coca-Cola are consumed every day around the world and that's not counting the other soda brands.

In France, 6-8000 vending sodas and other sweets were installed in about 40% of schools in 2004.

But before the worrying development of obesity among young people, a law banned since autumn 2005 these vending machines in schools and colleges.

Thus, Coca-Cola he decided in late 2003, under the threat of a lawsuit, to withdraw its distributors sodas American primary schools and offer a wide range of lower-calorie drinks in schools and colleges (water, light sodas, tea without sugar, and fruit juices with no added sugar).

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