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The soft drinks Brands of soft drinks

The market for soft drinks is made ​​Of natural mineral waters and spring waters, fruit juices, syrups and concentrates, and non-carbonated soft drinks.

Soft drinks composition

Soft drinks 92% contain at least one additive is the most frequent and citric acid, in 76% of the products. Soft drinks 65% contain at least three additives and 45% contain at least four. All families and all market segment are concerned.

All families are concerned, except for tonics, bitters and drinks with vegetables and / or fruits. 31% of products contain at least one sweetener. Among the Soft drinks which contain sweeteners, 78% contain two.

Water flavored sugar content as well as drinks with vegetables and / or fruits do not include any product with sweeteners.

Soft drinks 91% contain at least one sweetening agent. 67% of products contain sweeteners, sugars contain 66% and 17% of syrups. 80% of products contain one or two sweeteners. Only vegetable drinks do not include any product containing sweeteners.

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