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Milk in Algeria

Hleeb is the Arabic word for milk. Algerian consumes an average 100 kg of milk per year, 50% to 70% from imports. Compared to its neighbors, Algeria is a major consumer of milk. Tunisian consumes only 65 liters and 85 liters Moroccan.

Algerian dairy

The quantities of imported milk fell from 10.3% in 2013. Milk production was also recorded during the 2012-2013 campaign, more than 3.4 billion liters of milk (against 3.1 billion liters in 2011-2012), all production confused.

Must average 137 liters of milk per year per capita, 50% of what needs to be imported spring a deficit of some two billion liters.

Local production covers only a small part of the demand for milk industries. Therefore, a large portion of liquid milk, yogurt and cheese (fresh or soft cheese) products are manufactured in Algeria with imported milk powder.

Algeria has produced an average of one third of the consumption annual population growth in milk (about 2 billion liters per year from the import). In fact, the domestic production of raw milk and its derivatives can not always meet the needs of the population, estimated at 5 billion liters of milk annually.

However, the efforts of the Algerian government to develop milk production start paying because there are more and more products manufactured in whole or part, with the Algerian fresh milk. objective of Algeria is quantitatively and qualitatively expand production.

The milk market in Algeria

Flavored milk accounts for 6% of the market for liquid dairy products in Algeria, where the white milk dominates with 1,950 million liters consumed in 2012, and consumption continues to increase.

 It increased from 0.3 liters per person in 2011 to 0.6 liters in 2012, and is expected to reach 0.7 liters in 2013.

Algerian market is dominated by the brand Soummam with over 45% market share against 23 % for Danone.

Milk consumption in Algéria

The Algerian is the largest consumer of milk in the Maghreb. With about 100 liters per person per year. Tunisian consumes only 65 liters and 85 liters Moroccan.

Algerian milk brands

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