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Milk in Asia

The East Asia and South-East alone bought nearly two-thirds of international trade in milk. China, which has increased by more than 40% of its purchases, became the second largest importer to Indonesia and the Philippines.

The milk market in Asia

Asia remains the engine of global growth, milk production, estimated at 10 million tonnes in 2012. In less than 20 years, it has doubled its production (282 million tonnes) since 2005 and became the first dairy continent.

India, the largest producer, contains domestic demand by a restrictive tariff border policy.

However China knows, since the melamine crisis, moderate growth in production which forces it to import more dairy products.

Thus, Asia alone absorbs nearly half of all international trade in goods milk to cover a shortfall in production estimated at 22 million tonnes, which was dug by a third since 2008.

Asia South-East, the main financial transaction was conducted in 2012 by FrieslandCampina group, which increased its participation in the Philippine group Alaska from 8.1 to 97.7% for an amount exceeding € 300 million.

Milk production in Asia

In the Philippines, the Spanish group Leche Pascual plans to implement in the coming months a yogurt factory in Cabuyao, investing € 15 million in partnership with the Philippine brewer Asia Brewery.

In Vietnam, the leading dairy Vinamilk announced in late 2012 a investment of € 160 million in the construction of two new factories in Binh Duong province, the first of a processing capacity of 400 million kg of milk per year for dairy consumer products, the other specializing in the manufacture of infant formula with an annual capacity of 54,000 tonnes.

Always Vietnam, TH Milk Group continues the implementation, which began in 2010, an integrated dairy complex, which would include in 2015 a dozen farms comprising 60,000 dairy cows and three processing plants, for a total investment of € 350 million.

Several industrial investments are also implemented in Indonesia. Pt indolakto, dairy subsidiary of food giant Indofood Indonesia, is building a new plant in Purwosari in the eastern part of Java for an amount of € 100 million.

In South Asia, the main financial transaction was conducted in 2012 by Danone acquired in July activities Medical and child nutrition Indian Group for an amount of € 185 million.

Several large industrial projects are also advertised in India.

Amul aims to increase its processing capacity of third from 14 to 22 million kg of milk per day, by 6 years, investing € 430 million.

Parag Milk Foods plans to build by 2014 two new dairy plant in the east and north of the country for a amount of € 150 million.

Tirumala Milk Products , a leading dairy processors in South India, whose investment fund Carlyle holds a 20% stake, is planning the establishment of an integrated industrial complex for the production and processing of 350 million liters of milk per year, with an investment of approximately € 850 million.

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