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Milk in Australia

Australian consumption of packaged milk , estimated at 106 liters per capita grows at a rate of 1 liter per year for 5 years. Coles and Woolworths brands dominate milk sales in Australia, each with 22% market share …

The milk market in Australia

Australian consumption of dairy products increased mainly due to the demographic growth (1.4% pa). Estimated at 106 liters per capita consumption of packaged milk is still growing at a rate of 1 liter per year for 5 years.

Imports cover a quarter of the domestic consumption.

Marks of Coles and Woolworths distributors record equivalent performance still dominate milk sales in Australia. On average the month of March 2013, 22% of Australians bought Coles or Woolworths milk.

This is slightly down. Indeed, in March 2012, when Coles started the milk carton $ 1 (0.7 EUR), quickly followed by Woolworths, the rate was 26% for Woolworths and Coles 24%.

The consequence of this success of private labels is the drop in sales of domestic brands Dairy Farmers and Pura brands of Lion Group, which thus experience a decrease in their rate of sale (phenomenon started 5 years).

In March 2013, 3% of consumers Australian bought milk Dairy Farmers from March 2012. Thus in March 2013 only 16% of Australians bought milk Dairy Farmers.

Milk production in Australia

Australian milk production increased 2.3% in 2012. The last 2 years, the country has experienced favorable weather with above average in the major production regions rains.

The high milk prices has stimulated the expansion of livestock. However, production fell by a little over 5% during the first two months of 2013.

Since 2010, the Australian dairy herd increased by 1% per annum to 1.63 million cows at 31 March 2012 due to fewer terminations and extensions workshops.

The 6770 farms with an average of 240 dairy cows that produced 5,930 liters each on average. . An average annual production of 1.4 million liters per farm.

All products together, Asia is by far the largest market for Australian dairy industry with nearly 75% of sales: Japan (19% ), China (14%), Singapore (9%), Indonesia (6%), Malaysia (6%), New Zealand (5%), Thailand and South Korea, 4% each.

Australia .... then realizes 10% of its sales in the Middle East and 10% on all other continents (Africa, America, Europe).

Australian milk brands

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