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Milk in Austria

With a turnover of around € 2.20 billion, the dairy industry belongs to the most important branches of the Austrian food industry. For Austrian consumers, provenance remains one of the most important purchases of dairy products in 2012 criteria.

The Austrian market milk

With high quality standards in the processing of milk into Austria , consumers attach particular importance to drink milk products of Austrian origin. In addition, for many consumers, it is not only important that the milk comes from Austria, but rather a specific region.

Manufacturers therefore indicate more area where milk comes from their packaging.

Leaders milk in Austria

Rewe International, for example, states Salzburg dairy product of its new range Billa. Hofer also highlights the different regions on its organic range Zurück zum Urspung.

Berglandmilch GmbH continues to lead the category of milk products in Austria in 2012, with the success of its brand Schärdinger , popular and well known throughout the country.

However, has Berglandmilch ceded market share to other manufacturers, as the producer of private label Hofer.

Hofer has managed to build a strong position in this category since the launch of its organic range

Zurück zum Ursprung in 2009, which provides dairy products high quality at affordable prices. It also responds to the growing demand for regional specialties.

Austrian milk brands

From Bergland to Zurück zum Ursprung. 10 links