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Milk in China

China is another Asian dragon milk . Its evolution is rapid. In 2004, his collection of cow's milk was 16 million tonnes. In 2010 it was 36 million tonnes, and exceeds that of France. Unlike India, the consumption of dairy products is not traditional, but it is growing rapidly.

Milk production in China

China produces about 35 million tonnes of milk per year. Insufficient volume: in 2010 the country imported 406,000 tons of milk powder (world record) and 550,000 tonnes in 2011.

In 2011, the annual consumption of milk was 9 liters per capita.

The dairy industry in China has provided 12.6 million dairy cows in ruminant 2.4 million farms. 32 million tonnes of milk are produced in 2011.

In China, a cow produces between 4,000 and 4,600 kg of milk per year when its western cousin can produce up to three times.

China was the fourth world producer of milk. In 2011, domestic consumption of milk is 28 liters per capita per year.

Chinese modern dairy industry started around 1910-1920. But it was not until the late 1970's that milk production increases significantly. It is about 40 million tonnes in 2009.

The Chinese milk market

Today, China relies on imports for 15% of its dairy products (5% in 2007), and half of its needs in infant milk powder.

Since various scandals tainted milk (melanin, nitrites ...) The Chinese have turned to foreign dairy products.

Chinese pay dearly milk product in Europe! For example, milk Muh German brand, which sells for 0.65 euro per liter in Germany, sold 3.5 euros per liter in China.

40 brands of milk from thirty countries have entered the Chinese market since 2010.

Chinese milk brands

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