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Flavored milk

Flavored milk will grow stronger than white milk global growth between 2012 and 2015! The annual growth rate is estimated at 4.1% against 1.7% for white milk. Flavored milk is the fluid milk product as consumed after white milk.

Consumption of flavored milk

Although flavored milk is still a relatively small market share of liquid dairy products in these countries (2% in Tunisia and Morocco, in Algeria 6%) where white milk remains dominant, its consumption a rapid increase.

In Tunisia She rose from 0.4 liters per person in 2009 to 0.6 liters in 2012 and expected to reach 0.8 liters in 2016.

In Morocco, it increased from 0.1 liters per person in 2009 to 0.3 liters in 2012 and expected to reach 0.4 liters in 2015.

In Algeria, it increased from 0.3 liters per person in 2011-0, 6 liter in 2012 and expected to reach 0.7 liters in 2013.

Libya tops with 1.6 liters per person in 2012. These figures are much lower than those reported in other Arab countries, particularly in the Gulf region: 8 liters per person in Qatar, 5.2 liter Bahrain and Saudi Arabia 4.1 liters.

A healthy segment is particularly evident in developing countries. Particularly in Asia and Latin America.

This is in China and Brazil as demand is higher (respectively 9.9% and 14.5% between 2009 and 2012). This upward trend is expected to continue until 2015, with an expected 5.5% in China and 7.5% growth in Brazil.

The flavored milk market

If flavored milk represents a tremendous growth opportunity for emerging countries (and, at the same time, for the industrial developed countries positioning themselves as preferred suppliers), it also appears as a trend to be followed in developed countries.

Certainly, expected growth rate is much lower (1% in the UK and Germany, 1.6% in Spain). There remains the flavored milk gives a little balm to heart the dairy industry, while consumption of white milk continues to decline.

Liquid dairy product as consumed after white milk, flavored milk therefore a playing card to attract new followers. Especially adolescents and adults.

Convenient to use, tasty and nutritionally sound, it responds to the growing consumer desire to have fun while taking care of their health. In addition, consumption goes beyond the breakfast time.

Thus, the United States, Americans drink more flavored milk at lunch time (31%) and between lunch and dinner (21%) than in the morning ( 13%). Key growth drivers for this segment: improve packaging and provide new recipes to make it even more attractive.

In Germany, if flavored milk was until now mainly consumed by children under 12 years The arrival of coffee milk has converted adolescents and young adults.

Flavored milk brands

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