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Milk in the Netherlands

Milk collection increased sharply in the Netherlands, 9% in September 2013. 85% of the collected milk is processed by the cooperative FrieslandCampina. The Dutch dairy sector aims to increase milk production by 10 to 20% by 2020.

Dutch dairy

With specialized dairy farms, among the strongest and most profitable in Europe, the Netherlands did not unambitious: 20% increase in milk production by 2020.

In the Netherlands, 65% of surfaces farm are dedicated to milk production, with 17,000 dairy farms.

Its strengths are known, technically efficient and well managed farms, skilled and motivated farmers, research / development of systems of homogeneous production, collection fees reduced and an ultra-concentrated transformation.

But the Netherlands start from an already very high at 14,000 kg Milk / ha, more than double the UK. Intensification could face two brakes : Environmental and economic.

In the Netherlands, more than 85% of milk production is processed in cooperatives.

Netherlands currently has nearly 30 dairy companies, including five large cooperatives making a turnover of about 2 billion guilders each.

Moreover, several commercial companies operating in the field of dairy products.

Dairy plants treat almost all Dutch dairy about 11 billion kg produced in 50,000 farms. Only a small portion is further processed on the farm.

Consumption of milk in the Netherlands

In 2011, the annual milk consumption was 47 liters per capita.

Dutch milk brands

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