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The milk in India

India is the largest producer and the largest consumer of dairy products in the world. Indian milk production increases dynamically, approximately 4% per year. We went from about 60 kg of milk per capita per year in 1990 to about 100 kg in 2012.

Milk production in India

India is the largest producer of milk cows and buffaloes with 125 million tonnes in 2011.

For 2012/2013, the Indian collection is estimated at 133 million tonnes. It is up 4.5% year on year, following the trend that is implemented since 2000.

The herd is growing by 2% per year, including the buffalo. Milk yield of the animals also gets +2% per year. But from very low levels: 1,300 liters per cow and 2,000 liters per buffalo.

And even with an average growth rate of 4% per year, India will fail to meet the increase in demand.

India is a land of dairy tradition. The objective of the government and the dairy industry is to double milk production in ten to twelve years.

India milk production side is highly fragmented: 78 million dairy farms. Overwhelmingly, it is families with one to three cows.

India has little presence in international markets. Its external trade represents less than 1% of its production, 1 million tonnes, according to figure from the Institute of World Markets published in breeding and dairy products in 2012 in May 2013.

The Indian dairy market

We went from about 60 kg of milk per capita per year in 1990 to about 100 kg in 2012.

68% of milk bottles sold in India are adulterated by the Indian Food Safety Authority (FSSAI). She conducted a survey in 2011 in 33 states of the country by selecting at random 1791 samples.

For the FSSAI, adulterated milk is contaminated vegetable fats, salt, glucose or detergents milk.

Indian milk brands

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