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Milk in Ireland

In 2011, Ireland, the annual milk consumption was 135 liters per capita. Ireland collects 5.5 billion liters of milk to 18,000 farms, five times more than consume 3.7 million.

Irish dairy

Ireland aims to significantly expand its dairy industry. In 2010, Ireland was less than 4% of EU dairy production. Aiming for a 50% increase by 2020 by increasing exports of dairy products, butter and powders sold in the UK, into and out of Europe, which already represent 80% of sales.

85% of milk is exported: 32% to the United Kingdom and 48% in the rest of Europe. Ireland is one of the largest exporter of infant formulas in the world. And second largest suppliers of dairy products for the global division of preparations for babies Danone.

Figures milk in Ireland

Ireland has 1,071,000 dairy cows (49% of cows). This represents 5% of European cows, 4% of the European production of milk and 1% of the world.

In 2013, there are only twenty-five organic dairy farms in Ireland. Ireland produces only 5 million liters of organic milk . Most organic dairy products go for export.

Irish milk brands

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