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The milk in Japan

In Japan, the Japanese milk production decreased by 1% per annum. In 2011, she won -3%. Japanese milk production covers only 80% of national consumption. In 2012, Japan imported $ 2 billion dairy products.

Milk production in Japan

Japanese milk production has regained color in 2012 after a series of dramatic events, earthquake followed by a tsunami and a nuclear accident in Fukushima, who violently and deeply affected the country in early 2011.

After falling 4% in 2011, the dairy herd returned 1% of its workforce to 943,000 dairy cows in 2012. Milk production has also taken 1%.

Conversely, the number of dairy farms is declining. The vast majority of farmers over 60 years. They rarely have a successor and are in periurban where land is very expensive.

Area Milk production up better in Hokkaido, less urbanized, which covers half the national herd. The country has only 20 100 farms, 47 cows on average, the average productivity peaks at 8,000 kg / cow / year.

Milk production in Japan decreased by 1% per annum. In 2011, she won -3%, with two-thirds of the decline was attributable to the Fukushima disaster.

Importation of Milk in Japan

Japanese milk production, which covers only 80% of domestic consumption, is supported by a proactive agricultural policy in a country where agricultural land is reduced and conditions unfavorable production.

In 2012, Japan imported 2 billion of dairy products, as in 2011, 26% from the European Union, 25% in Australia, 24% of New Zealand and 16% of the United States.

All products together, Japan imported the equivalent of 2 million tonnes of milk or milk equivalent which covered 20% of domestic consumption.

Japanese milk brands

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